Getting Ready to Sell the House

Before placing a house on the real estate market there are certain things to do to get the house ready. Spending a small amount of money on some improvements now will result in a higher asking price, and can expedite the sale of the house. Everyone has seen homes on the market for two or more years.

People drive by and wonder why that house has not sold yet. In many cases, the house is passed over due to minor issues. Most buyers want a house that is move-in ready. If a furnace has to be replaced, painting has to be done, or the house is drafty in the winter, they will simply move on the next house.


Essential Improvements

The house does not have to be perfect, but it does have to be in excellent condition. Walls that are dull or dingy have to be washed, or maybe even painted. If the flooring is worn out, replace it. A few tiles that have edges curling up at the corners are no problem for current occupants, but they will be noticed by potential buyers.

An outdated bathroom or only one bathroom in the house can keep the listing on the market longer. Adding a half bathroom and renovating the full bathroom are projects that provide a full return on the investment. A renovation, for example, can raise the asking price by as much as one-hundred thousand dollars.

Roof repairs are also essential improvements that have to be made. Depending on the lender used by buyers, the house may be subjected to a lengthy inspection before it can be approved by the lender. This is especially true of federally funded housing authority mortgages.

Additional Improvements that Matter

A house heated entirely by a furnace or boiler will be expensive to keep warm in the longer and colder winters seen in the past few years. A wood heater in the home will offer a built-in and cheaper alternative heating source. It can also be a focal selling point due to the beauty and atmosphere it creates. Buyers will have no problem seeing themselves sipping coffee by a cozy fire.

Free standing australian made wood heaters are more flexible in terms of sizing options. Small units are perfect for condominiums, apartments, and small houses. They are efficient, durable, and easy to clean. Utilizing no electricity, this option is ideal for use during power outages. That will impress buyers and make the house more marketable.

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